Some Things That You May Not Know About Veneers

Anyone would love a smile that is simply glorious. But how can such a smile be achieved? Dr. Frantz Backer is pleased to provide veneers to help you reach your appearance goals for your smile. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed over the front of natural teeth... Read more »

Make Your Smile Stronger with Excellent Oral Health Care

Enhancing your oral healthcare depends on many factors that are within your control. Although protecting your smile against the risk of oral accidents and injuries is effective, other aspects of your oral health care need to be implemented as well. This includes taking the necessary steps for cleaning your mouth... Read more »

Defy the Effects of Age on Your Smile With Oral Care

Too often, teeth will age right along with the rest of the body, but this is not inevitable. You can help your smile remain immune to the years with the use of proper oral care. We are happy to help you develop effective dental care to prevent the effects of... Read more »

Water Flossing

If you are on the hunt for an alternative way to floss your teeth, you can look into water flossing. Water flossing can provide all the benefits of using a string, but could be easier to handle, especially if circumstances get in the way of normal flossing. With water flossing,... Read more »

How Can Crowns, Bridges, and Implants Help Your Smile?

Do you have damaged or missing teeth because of an oral accident, gum disease, or tooth decay? If so, you will want to restore the teeth to maintain the healthy function of your smile and facial profile. Our dental office offers crowns, bridges, and implants to help restore lost teeth.... Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Effectively Improve a Smile’s Appearance

An unappealing smile altered by discolored tooth enamel, chronic dental stains, physical defects, or other cosmetic imperfections can rob you of your self-confidence. Some people will even go so far as to guard or alter some of their facial features, leading to confused non-verbal communication. In a situation like this,... Read more »

Defining Root Canals

Root canal infections are often caused by deep tooth decay. Fortunately, although this means that patients normally cause their own teeth to wear away, this also means that you can have a hand in thwarting the need for a root canal procedure. Here are some things that you can do... Read more »

Tongue Cleaning Can Help Minimize Bad Breath Odors

Sometimes chronic bad breath problems can be attributed to undiagnosed or chronic medical conditions. This is more likely to be the case if you have uncontrolled blood sugar, or you have been struggling to deal with chronic periodontal disease. Other times bad breath odors can be attributed to consuming pungent... Read more »

The 3 Worst Drinks for Your Mouth Health

Some beverages can do serious damage to your teeth. Here is a list of 5 that will seriously affect your smile: - Soda: Sodas are highly acidic and can strip minerals from your enamel. If your soda has sugar in it, it is doubly dangerous, as the sugars in the... Read more »

Make Dental Hygiene Exciting!

Helping your child form consistent, efficient dental hygiene habits is vital. These habits can stay with your child for a lifetime, so they can have a healthier smile. But how can you get your child excited about dental hygiene and dental care? Dr. Frantz Backer and our team at Advanced... Read more »