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Losing a tooth in your smile can have several adverse effects on your mouth. While it will certainly alter your physical appearance and impact the clarity of your speech, it could eventually cause orthodontic complications. If the tooth’s presence and structure isn’t restored, the neighboring teeth can start to drift unnaturally toward the void.

Fortunately, Dr. Frantz Backer can restore the tooth’s presence and the appearance of your smile with a porcelain dental crown that is mounted onto a dental implant.

This involves inserting a titanium abutment directly into the underlying bone during an outpatient oral surgery. Once it has been installed into the socket, the titanium will gradually integrate with the surrounding bone tissues through a process known as osseointegration.

To protect the implant in the interim, Dr. Frantz Backer will cover the implant with a temporary crown that is made from hard plastic.

Once the implant has attained total fusion, Dr. Frantz Backer will be able to fit you for a porcelain crown. This special dental material can be perfectly shaded to match the surrounding teeth in your smile.

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